I always wanted a record label.  My primary reasoning was so I could dash around the world looking for talent and drinking and laying with the worlds most beautiful people but also to mention at a cocktail party "I run a record label".  I've been involved in investing scams, bad stock deals, futures trading, pyramid schemes, and other investing shenanigans from Pittsburgh to Portland and back.  After my last investment in Vivian Vance collectables was purchased in whole by the sweetest (and most gullible) 90 year old lady in Seattle for a sum running on the lower end of six figures, I thought it was time to pursue my first love and put out some records.  I delivered the collection to Seattle and fell in love with the climate and number of wonderful bars and pubs in the city and decided to stay a while.

One night while drinking at my favorite University District pub I had a revelation.  I thought I would take a quarter of my money and go down to one of the local tribal casinos and thrown the whole damn thing on black (black because at this point I was in the black financially).  My theory was that if I won I would start a record label with the money.  If I lost it, I thought a label was not a venture I should be getting into.

Well... that cold night kids lady luck smiled upon yours truly.  I had a shaky vodka tonic in one hand and crossed fingers with the other.  That roulette wheel spun for what seemed like an eternity and that beautiful wooden wheel landed on black!

To honor the event and inception of the label, I decided to call my label Indian Casino Records.  We literally stumbled upon our first band at a club in Fort Worth Texas one evening.  The band is called The Me-Thinks and they have everything I was looking for in a band - humor, talent, and an eagerness for excess.  They truly are the John Belushi of Rock N Roll.  They rock hard and I know their debut double ep will make an excellent stocking stuffer for the rock lover in your life.  Keep your eyes out for some more interesting talent from our camp in the coming months.  We might hit it big or we might go south but remember, bet it all or don't even bother betting at all.

Jack Bensonhurst